Robert and Macy are a married couple picture crew out in Oviedo, Florida. On our adventures we take photos and video of everything. We enjoy going out to events, restaurants, theme parks and walking everywhere with our highly mobile daughter.

We provide wide array of services. If you can challenge us the better. Be certain to catch our photo challenges.

Over a few years we’ve gone on many adventures and accumulated a hefty amount of photos and videos we would love to share.

We manage this blog as a means for our outlet for our photos and our thoughts. We’ll reflect on a photo and tie it to trending topics especially when it comes to movies, tv shows, and food. When we post photos, we’ll be sure to post variety. We have a thing for street, abstract, travel, people, wedding, architecture, transportation, journalism, food, and many more types of photography. Our passion is the embodiment of our phrase, we want to project our experience and our view to you.

Our inspiration come from magical moments big or small. There’s a moving and impactful picture at any moment you just need to capture the right angle and light.

What do our pictures mean to you without reading the title. Be sure the leave a note and tell us what you think.

Oh and when you do have some free free time come down to the sunny state of Florida. Too rainey? Wait 30 minutes and it’ll be sunshine.

Wish you were here from sunny Florida🍊🌴🐊