She’s One

Cevi is One WYWH

This Lovely Mermaid Turned One and she was super excited to cake smash.

Cake was Delish! There’s just no better way to describe this but Publix cake is the best tasting ever. We’ve sampled every cake in Orlando and nothing beats that delicious vanilla cake from Publix. Yea, there’s a reason Publix is number 2 in the nation, above Trader Joes!

Off on the tangent here but let me mention the two big things that a lazy cook like me would get from Publix. Fried chicken and chicken tender sub. They’re reasonable priced and you will have leftovers for a second meal.

I hope to take some more Publix pictures in the future and promote some more Florida pride. Does your state or city have something like this that you are extremely proud of. Let me know and post some pics!

This Publix cake was great even with her hand print everywhere. Twas a big mess as she smeared the icing all over her face. She got a little fussy getting dirty but they made the pictures more golden. I plan to post more pics of this in the future, this is just a small small tease.

Need some photo ops with your baby or fam? We have the perfect props and setup for any theme. Contact for immediate consultation.

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