Sinclair Building

Sinclair Building WYWH

Know where this nice looking entrance is? The Sinclair Building can be found in downtown Fort Worth. I was amazed on how much color came out onto this picture. I like the nice dark teal in the right and the green glow resting on many parts of the beige wall.

I remember going to Fort Worth during the spring and admiring the architecture. It was late and freezing which probably explained why it was not busy at all. 

Close by is a jazz room with an amazing neon sign. That picture of the Jazz room is one of my favorites. The center clocktower beams from the long road that leads up to it. Next to the clocktower you can find some modern architecture. Driving even further north from the clock tower you can find some neat decaying warehouses perfect for that type of photography.

Even further down is the historic stockyards. I didn’t have time to watch some of the shows but I did get some nice night pictures that I have hanging on my wall at home. 

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