Lake Tahoe

Silhouettes of the ubiquitous Jeffrey Pines in Lake Tahoe. The enormous lake boarders California and Nevada. The lake was crystal clear as it a crystal freezing.

The natural beauty of mountains surrounding the lake is something that us Florida natives can’t cherish. 

I would’ve love to do more hiking. The smallish towne in Lake Tahoe was pretty big and rural from my bike trail experience so there was lots to do.

I do remember doing some appraisal research in the area. See if you can check these out yourself. The houses off the lake are awe inspiring. Think of the nicest open house you’ve been too and put a crystal clear lake with mountains behind it.

I remember scanning some hipster history books in AirBnB we stayed. The town had a huge tourism history from the beginning and was basically built around that. The towne is now native to many country people. On other sides of the lake there are city amenities. So this lake has a bit of everything. I swear it was freezing in July I bet we could’ve gone skiing. 

Coming from the whole thing you can tell they take the lake’s nearly untouched nature seriously. You can still take boats and jet skis on the water. Careful with paddle boarding, there are only inches between you and frozen liquid lava. Did I mention the lake was cold?❄️❄️❄️

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